Can You Travel to Canada If You Have a DUI?

Canada has very strict rules on who they allow into their country. Travelers can be  denied entry due to criminal convictions including DUI offenses that occurred in the United States.

In Canada, DUI offenses are considered felonies, reason that individuals can be denied entry into Canada.

Traveling to Canada with A DUI

This website is dedicated to providing the long answer to the question how to go about entering Canada even if there is a DUI (driving under the influence) on the traveler’s record.

You will find help and resources that will guide you on the way to learn about this often complicated process.

In a five-part series, we cover all aspects of the problem trying to cross the Canadian border with a DUI:

In part two, we will discuss the problem being denied admission to Canada. We will point out the differences between the United States and Canada in regards to their laws and how it can pose a big problem to face exclusion at the border due to a DUI.

In part three of our series of articles we will list reasons for exclusions, the main reasons why a person seeking entry into Canada could be denied.

We will provide you with a description about the obtainable ways to enter Canada with criminal offenses such as DUIs in part four. You will learn how to be approved to enter Canada after the border authorities have determined that you are inadmissible due to a DUI.

Lastly, in part five we will discuss the option to apply for a temporary residence permit to visit Canada. You will learn what a temporary residence permit is, when it will be be applicable and how to apply for it.

To make things easier for you while you are reading,  you will have a menu so that you know exactly where you are in our series of articles about entering Canada with a DUI. You can simply keep reading and jump to the next article in the series or use the menu to go to a specific article of your choice.

Going To Canada With A DUI – Stories & News

You would be surprised how many personal stories and experiences people have to tell when it comes to their experiences on the US/Canada border.  Not always are those experiences pleasant. On our blog, we will keep you up to date with stories that people encounter almost every day when they attempt to go to Canada. Read about their problems and questions – and most importantly, find the answer too!

We will also keep you up-to-date on current immigration news and headlines, in particular wherever traveling to Canada with a DUI is concerned.

Visiting Canada With a DUI – Get Professional Advice and Solutions

At some point, you might want to decide it is time for professional help to help you get into Canada with a DUI offense. We realize the matter can be rather complex due the legal requirements which are often overwhelming for the layman.

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